Stop wasting food

Stop wasting food

Households in South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City threw away over 10,000 tonnes of edible food last year. What a waste!

As well as having an impact on our bank balances, this is having an impact on our planet. In fact, if UK households all stopped wasting food we'd save the equivalent CO2 emissions of 4.6 million return flights from London to Perth!

We can do it!

During lockdown, as a nation we became careful list-makers, banana-bread bakers and leftovers-munchers - and we smashed it. We reported throwing away a third less food than normal! So why stop there? Let's keep crushing food waste together, for our planet and our wallets.

Keep crushing food waste

There are lots of easy ways to crush food waste:

  • Take the Food Waste Challenge (starts 26 October 2020) with Cambridge Sustainable Food - you'll get exclusive cookery demos with top chefs, recipes, advice and support to cut your food waste.
  • Check out all the tips and advice at Love Food Hate Waste and Out Of Date UK and follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Check your cupboards and fridge, plan meals and make a list before you shop 
  • Hit pause on produce by freezing it before it’s past its best e.g. chicken 
  • Get creative in the kitchen to use up food which would otherwise be wasted – think banana bread and bread pudding 
  • Turn your fridge temperature down to below 5°C – keeping foods like milk fresher for longer 

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