Our policy and performance

Our shared waste service’s performance is measured using two indicators – recycling rate and percentage of bins collected on time.

Our household waste and recycling policies and procedures document contains details of our waste and recycling collection services, including how and when residents need to present their bins for emptying.


Weight of recycling and waste collected

In 2019/20 so far (April 2019 to October 2019) we collected:

  • 29,334 tonnes of general waste (black bins) from 123,180 households – an average of 238kg per household.
  • 13,957 tonnes of recycling (blue bins) from 123,180 households – an average of 113kg per household.
  • 20,141 tonnes of garden and food waste (green bins) from 110,349 households – an average of 183kg per household.
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Collection 2017/18 (tonnes) 2018/19 (tonnes) 2019/20 (tonnes) so far
General waste 53,336 46,956 29,334
Recycling 23,312 22,374 13,957
Garden and food waste 29,529 27,902 20,141


Recycling rate

The recycling rate is the percentage of blue and green bin recycling versus black bin.

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Quarterly recycling performance
Date 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Q1 (April to June) 52.3% 55.6% 55.1%
Q2 (July to September) 54.3% 51.5% 53.28%
Q3 (October to December) 49.9% 50.29% TBC
Q4 (January to March) 53.6% 45.77% TBC
Yearly total 49.7% 51.07% TB


Bins emptied on time

The table below shows the percentage of bins that were collected on their scheduled day.

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Percentage of bins emptied on their scheduled day
Date range 2018/19 2019/20
Q1 (April to June) 99.73% 99.82%
Q2 (July to September) 99.63% 99.76%
Q3 (October to December) 99.87% TBC
Q4 (January to March) 99.85% TBC
Yearly total 99.76% TBC

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