Major IT issue

We are working to resolve IT problems that mean people completing benefit online forms may not be able to complete or submit them.

The problems also mean that our staff and contact service are not able to access all their computer systems.

You can still carry out most transactions on our website. If you need to contact us by phone and your call is urgent we will try to help you. If your call is not urgent please contact us next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience while we resolve this problem.

Bin collections from flats

Currently our bin calendar search does not display collection dates for shared bins within flats. If you need to check when your shared bins are emptied please contact or call 03450 450063.

Changes to the way we collect extra recycling

We will collect one transparent sack with recycling (glass in the bin please) and/or one bundle of cardboard broken down to a size which would fit in the bin (with the lid closed) if there was space (please tape or tie together).

Please do:

  • Place other recycling in one transparent sack. Black/unclear sacks and more than one sack will not be collected. Transparent sacks are available online and in supermarkets.
  • Put any glass inside your blue bin, not the sack, for safety reasons.

Please don't:

  • Leave cardboard out in the rain. Soggy cardboard gets stuck to other materials making it hard to recycle.

If you always need to put out extra recycling, order an extra blue bin.

We have introduced these guidelines because we have new collection vehicles which have higher openings than our old trucks, so we needed to change the way we collect extra recycling. The higher openings are safer for staff, help to prevent litter blowing out of the lorry, and make it easier to dislodge large items that sometimes get stuck inside the bins. Crews will empty your blue bin and then refill it with your extra recycling and tip it again, rather than throw it in separately, which is no longer safe for them to do.

It may not always be possible to collect additional recycling if there is a high volume on your collection round or if there are traffic delays which jeopardise the completion of bin collections.

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