Bin collections from flats

Currently our bin calendar search does not display collection dates for shared bins within flats. If you need to check when your shared bins are emptied please contact or call 03450 450063.

Garden waste

Garden waste

Some of your garden waste can be put into your green bin.

What goes in my green bin?


  • Garden waste, such as grass cuttings and leaves
  • untreated wood
  • straw and sawdust
  • food waste - raw and cooked (meat, fish dairy, fruit and vegetable peelings can be wrapped in newspaper or paper sacks)
  • shredded paper (if mixed in with other garden waste)
  • used paper tissues and kitchen paper
  • cold ashes (if mixed with other garden waste)
  • real Christmas trees can be put next to your bin for composting in January. If the tree is taller than your bin, please chop it to the size of your bin

NO we don't take:

  • Any plastic
  • plastic type bags, including bags/sacks and biodegradable/compostable 'plastic' food waste bags
  • other domestic waste
  • cat or dog waste
  • soil, stones or turf
  • treated wood (this can be recycled at the household recycling centre)
  • rubble
  • extra garden waste cannot be collected

All garden waste is processed by Amey at their site in Waterbeach where it is made into good quality soil improver and used on agricultural land.

Kitchen caddy and paper liners

These can be used for your kitchen food waste and then emptied into your green bin when full.

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