FAQs: Additional green bin collections

Residents of our district will have to pay a small annual fee to have their additional green bin collected in future.

The charge for collecting additional green bins already operates in Cambridge City.

South Cambridgeshire District and Cambridge City Councils share a waste collection service – the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service.

This change will mean residents across both areas will receive the same service levels.

Since the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service began waste collections in February 2017, work has been done to align many policies and back-office functions to help ensure it operates as efficiently as possible.

From 1 April 2019, South Cambridgeshire residents wanting to have an extra green bin emptied will be asked to pay. There is a £20 per each additional bin charge which will cover April to September 2019. From October 2019, the cost will be £35 per each additional bin a year.

We will continue to use Council Tax to provide one green bin for garden and food waste. We are introducing an annual charge for emptying additional green bins containing garden waste only. 

Under the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992, garden waste is classed as household waste for which a charge for collection may be made in addition to Council Tax.  This is not the case for other waste streams such as food waste, general waste or recycling.  The provision of a garden waste collection is not a statutory service, but is at the discretion of the Waste Collection Authority (WCA).

By comparing against other Local Authorities.  The amount follows the current charge in Cambridge City, with whom we have a shared service, this is £35.00 per year.

If your first green bin is full, then we recommend using a home compost bin or taking excess garden waste to the Household Recycling Centres at Milton or Thriplow. If this is not possible and you do not wish to subscribe to the additional green bin service, then garden waste may be placed in the black bin. This will be rotted down as part of the Mechanical Biological Treatment process (MBT) which all black bin waste goes through before it is landfilled.

The service will begin on 1 April 2019, and from this date if you have not subscribed to the additional green bin service we will only empty one green bin from your property. You can sign up from early 2019, in advance of the change in service from April and the first payment will cover April to September.  Our website will be updated and residents with additional bins will be written to with advice nearer the time. From October 2019 payments will be taken yearly.

Subscriptions will be renewed in October each year, residents will be written to in advance.

For the first year residents will be able to pay online, over the phone or in person via our customer service centre. Residents will be encouraged to sign up by Direct Debit for subsequent years.

You will be notified of any price changes when you are written to each year asking if you want to renew your subscription.

We are not charging for the first green bin, only additional green bins, which are held by a small proportion of households in the district. While we want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle, the collection of garden waste is not a statutory service but is at the discretion of the Waste Collection Authority (WCA) and there are other options, like home composting, available to those that have significant quantities of garden waste.

Refunds are not issued if you wish to unsubscribe from the service during the year.

There are no concessions and the annual charge is for the full year irrespective of when you join the service. If you joined in July, you would pay the full amount to see you through to September and then pay the annual charge again on 1 October.

There are no discounts and the charge set reflects the established collection regime.

You can pay for up to three additional bins, meaning there would be four bins at the property in total.

If you move within or between Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire districts then you can transfer the bin, if you need this at your new address, but you must notify us of your change of address.  Please contact customer services. If you move out of the area, then the charge is non-refundable and you must contact us to have the bin removed.

If you do not subscribe and the bins do not display the relevant sticker then we will not empty these bins if they are presented for collection. Please keep the additional bin(s) as we are not picking up unwanted additional green bins the moment.

You can unsubscribe and cancel the direct debit at any time, but refunds are not given.  Alternatively, you can choose not to renew your Direct Debit when you are written to each year.

No. We will not be issuing new additional green bins free of charge. Storage bins are available from other suppliers.

We recommend that garden waste is composted at home. Bins can be purchased online using our online form website

Alternatively garden waste can be taken to the Household Recycling Centers. 

Residents who currently have additional green bins will be written to directly to establish if they wish to subscribe to the service. District-wide communication about the scheme will be included in the winter and spring editions of South Cambs Magazine and it will also be covered in the annual service leaflet that is distributed in March.

No. Payments taken previously for additional green bins were a delivery charge only, not a charge for the bin itself or for emptying it. If you wish to keep your additional green bin but not sign up to the scheme, that is fine. You may keep the bin for storage purposes, but only put one bin out to be emptied at each collection.

Your neighbour may have paid for a permit but not received it yet. To make sure that we don’t miss any bins which have been paid for due to posting delays, we will continue emptying additional bins for a couple of collections. We will be leaving cards on all extra bins not displaying a permit, to ensure that everyone knows about the new charge before we stop emptying them.

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