Bin collections from flats

Currently our bin calendar search does not display collection dates for shared bins within flats. If you need to check when your shared bins are emptied please contact or call 03450 450063.

Top Tips for looking after summer and winter bins

Winter bins

Frozen bins

During cold weather the contents of bins can sometimes freeze and become stuck inside the bin, so that it is not possible to fully empty it. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to return to frozen bins because usually the contents remain stuck.

Some useful tips for avoiding frozen bins:

  • Wrap food waste in paper
  • Put a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bin when empty (in cold spells only – normally cardboard should go in the blue bin)
  • Keep bins in a sheltered area overnight
  • Place your bin in the sun during the day or close to a wall
  • You could even try spraying the inside of your bin with cooking oil when empty.

Summer bins

To reduce smells and keep your bins clean:

• Wrap food waste in paper as soon as possible and put in your green bin
• Keep bin lids firmly closed
• If your bin is split or damaged, contact us for a replacement
• use old washing up water or warm water with detergent in it (diluted) to rinse the bin
• If possible, store your bins out of direct sunlight
• Try placing a newspaper at the bottom of your green bin to soak up liquid from food waste

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