Hardship Fund – COVID-19

If you have had a loss of income, the first step to take is to apply for Universal Credit (through the Department of Work and Pensions). 

Once you have applied for Universal Credit, apply online for Council Tax Support as we could help you cover your Council Tax. Alternatively, you can apply for this help below through our Hardship Fund and we may be able to give a one off payment towards Council Tax or rent.

What can I apply for through the Hardship Fund? 

If you are struggling financially due to COVID-19 you can apply for help through our Hardship fund: 

  • If you pay rent and do not get Housing benefit or the Housing element of Universal Credit, any support awarded will be credited to your rent account (Council, Shire Homes or Ermine Street Housing tenants only)
  • If you pay Council Tax for the property you live in, any support awarded will be used to reduce the current year's Council Tax you owe (any eligible residents)

Awards will normally be made by a one-off payment and be applied to the current year's Council Tax or rent charge.   

Apply for our Hardship fund

Who can apply? 

You do not need to be in receipt of benefit to apply for a Hardship payment. However, if you have a total of £1,500 or more in bank/building society accounts or other investments, we will not be able to make an award.  

You should ensure you provide as much information as possible on this form so that we can make a decision as soon as possible. 

If you have any queries regarding the Hardship fund please email benefits@scambs.gov.uk

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