Apply for Planning Permission

You can apply for planning permission using our online Planning Portal or by downloading and completing the relevant planning application forms.

Apply for planning permission online

You can apply for planning permission online by visiting the Planning Portal Website here.

Paper Application Forms

Paper copies of application forms can be downloaded from the Planning Portal Paper Form Chooser

Submit your completed application forms to us:

Planning Department, 
South Cambridgeshire Hall,
Cambourne Business Park,
CB23 6EA

Planning Fees

Please note that a 20% fee increase will be coming into force on the 17th January 2018 in accordance with The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017. 

An overview of some planning fees and charges for planning applications can be found here.

A planning application fee calculator can be found on Planning Portal to help with your application.

For more information on all planning fees, download the full Guide to the Fees for Planning Applications in England from the planning portal.

Pre-application advice

To help you find out whether your proposed development would likely to be accepted and what issues there may be before your submitting your application, contact us to get some pre-application advice.

Planning Guidance Documents

In addition to the planning application forms, below you will find a checklist of documents that are required to be submitted with each type of planning application.   

Please Note: Failure to submit a completed application form, checklist and all documents required by the relevant checklist, will result in your application being held up prior to registration. 

Planning application type

Householder Applications

Full Planning Applications

Outline Applications

Applications for Reserved Matters and Removal or Variation of Conditions

Applications for Discharge of Condition

Conservation & Heritage Applications (Listed Buildings, Works to Trees and Hedgerow Removal)

Owners/Tenants Notification Form (required if you're applying to carry out works to a listed building that you do not own)

Display of Advertisement Applications

Lawful Development Certificate Applications

Prior Notifications (Residential, Telecom, Demolition, School, Agricultural or Forestry)

Prior Notifications (Residential, Telecom, Demolition, School, Agricultural or Forestry)

Extension of Time Limit For Implementation

Application for Non-Material Amendment Following Grant of Permission

Other Useful Forms

Contact Details